Recognition and identification of needs

Each project is preceded by a conversation about the expectations and needs of our clients. We ask about their lifestyle, dreams and plans for the future. We get to know their aesthetic preferences and functional needs. We conduct a detailed interview in the form of a questionnaire, which allows us to obtain guidelines for further work. During the meeting, we define the budget that the client plans to allocate for implementation and discuss in detail all stages of our cooperation.



Before we start design work, we make precise measurements of the interior and photographic documentation. If the investment is at the design or implementation stage, we rely on the basis provided by the client, and we make an inventory immediately after the construction is completed.


Initial concept

At this stage, we prepare 2-3 concepts of the functional layout of the designed interior. We show the arrangement options, the arrangement of individual rooms, walls and equipment. Together with the client, we choose the most advantageous version, which we will develop at a later time. We start to think about the nature of the interior, colors and materials. We are looking for inspiration and solutions that will combine aesthetic and technological requirements into a harmonious whole. We present our proposals on inspiration boards - mood boards.



In the next stage, we create a 3D model and visualizations, the task of which is to show the customer what the interior will look like and to confirm the proposed solutions, colors, materials and equipment.


Executive project

We present the customer with materials and equipment elements shown in the visualizations. Based on the developed concept, we prepare a detailed detailed design in the form of technical drawings - projections, sections, drawings of furniture and other individually designed elements of equipment. The project is the basis for the implementation of works on the construction site for the executive team and industry specialists, as previously agreed with the client. A component of the project is a quantitative list of materials and equipment as well as elements of equipment included in the project along with the location of their purchase.


Cost estimate

We prepare a cost estimate based on a quantitative list of materials and products included in the project. The document includes a cost estimate for individually designed interior fittings. It is extremely important for us that the budget assumptions are respected throughout the design process.


Supervision and realization

We offer our clients the service of supervision and coordination of works during the implementation of the investment. At the beginning, we set a schedule that is necessary to carry out the construction without unnecessary downtime and delays. During the finishing works, we ensure their quality, timeliness and compliance with the design. We are in constant contact with contractors and equipment suppliers.

We can recommend trusted and experienced subcontractors with whom we have been cooperating for many years. We provide assistance in the selection of specialist companies that will design multimedia solutions, alarm systems and air conditioning.


Completion of the implementation

This is the most pleasant moment for us when we can celebrate the completion of the construction together with the client. Customer satisfaction is an indicator of well-done many months of work. Our cooperation is coming to an end, but we often meet on subsequent projects.

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